Remodeling, an investment you can enjoy!

A common question we are asked by homeowner’s considering an upgrade to
their homes is “will this remodel project return value to me in resale?”

If you are planning to sell your home, especially in the next 5 years, then value of return is important to consider. We all want to make good investment decisions, whether it be a stock purchase, building a new home or addition, or a kitchen remodel.

Our homes reflect our own personal tastes, styles, and even personalities. This day in age, there are so many materials available from all corners of the globe, and more colors to choose from than any rainbow could have ever predicted. With this vast array of options, you have the ability to express yourself with your home, which is what makes remodeling and re-styling your home so fun and rewarding.

Many people ask, “What are other people choosing for their homes today?” White marble in kitchens has been the hot trend the past few years, but who knows what will be all the rage twenty years from now. Consider a timeless look that can stand the test of time, or use “easy to change” elements like paint or fabric to get that pop you are looking for. It is much more economical to paint over bright blue walls than it is to replace bright blue countertops. If resale is in your immediate future, then choosing a more neutral color palette is highly beneficial. If you need that pop of color, using your accessories to achieve the desired effect rather than a bold wall paint or tile. Most importantly, choose what appeals to you!

If you want to learn a little more about what kind of return you will get on your remodel, check out this cost-value study from REMODELING magazine.

We are always happy to discuss your home remodeling ideas!