Frequently-Asked Questions

How much does remodeling cost?

Contrary to the impression given by many of the fixer-upper or do it yourself shows on television today, professional remodeling is an investment in your home. We encourage frank discussion about a client’s budget goals before any design or planning processes begin. We realize that it might feel uncomfortable or even scary sharing this information, but by understanding what you home investment goals are, we can help you maximize your benefits or help  guide you in choosing to do a prioritized portion of your remodeling vision that fits into your spending plan.

Remodeling can be more complex at times than building a new structure; surprises can exist beyond walls that are unseen. Kitchen and baths are normally some of the more costly rooms to renovate  because that is where so many mechanical needs such as plumbing, electrical, appliances, fixtures and lighting come together Time and time again, we have had potential clients come to us with beautiful blueprints or completed designs they had invested in,  only to find that their budgetary goals were not realistic for the project. That is very disheartening, and it is our goal to save valuable time and money by having those important financial discussions in the very beginning.

How do you price my project?
We determine pricing on each of our projects individually and in great detail. We do not just “average” or “guess ” to come up with an estimate. A complete scope of work is created and then each component is analyzed for effectiveness and potential cost savings.
Do you provide Design Services?
We do offer kitchen and bath design in house. We also have excellent working relationships with some of Houston’s finest design firms and are happy to offer a referral for larger projects.
Can you work with my existing designer or architect?
Yes, of course.
Do you work with subcontractors or is the work performed by "in house" employees?
Our projects are actually accomplished by a blending of the two. We have long term relationships of over 20 years with our subcontractor trade partners who have been faithful in maintaining quality work standards. Our in house employees do provide many hands on aspects of our work as well as provide supervision and management.
Can you provide me with references?

Yes, always happy to provide references and contact information from our multitude of happy clients.

Do you maintain an office?
We do maintain a permanent staffed office. You are welcome to visit us at 10801 Hammerly Blvd. Suite 216 Houston, Texas 77043 Our employees also drive professionally marked vehicles.
What type of insurance do you carry?
All of our projects are covered by General Liability and Builders Risk. Our employees are protected with Workers Compensation Insurance. Our sub-contractors provide proof of insurance coverage before entering our projects.
What professional memberships do you maintain?
We are members of the Texas Association of Builders, The Greater Houston Builders Association, The Better Business Bureau, The Custom Builders Council and the Remodelers Council.
How do I select materials?

The product choices available today for home improvement are truly staggering. We will provide you with a list of vendors and trade partners to visit in order for you and/or your designer to select products such as plumbing fixtures, tile, flooring, etc. It is preferable that these items be selected as part of the planning process so the accurate costs can be incorporated into your project. Occasionally there will be an item that for some reason cannot be finalized until after the project starts. This we will include as an “allowance”. This is strictly an estimate since everyone has different taste and budget. When the client actually selects the material, the contract pricing is adjusted up or down based upon the selection made.

I am concerned about how to live in my home during remodeling. Do you have any ideas to share?

Remodeling a home can certainly be disruptive to our normal lifestyles. We will create temporary walls and designate particular entry points whenever possible to help separate the construction zone from our clients living quarters. This allows some private space to be maintained when feasible. It is not unusual for us to set up “temporary kitchens” with the refrigerator and microwave moved to another area of the home to allow simple meal prep while your fabulous new kitchen is being created. Most clients will move out of the master suite during a master bath renovation and bunk in a guest room. And of course depending upon the scope and complexity; some clients will move to another location completely. This is an important part of our initial planning discussion to help prepare you for this exciting time. Remodeling is dusty! Even with dust containment strategies in place, one needs to be prepared for this eventuality. Remodeling does require an attitude of flexibility of the part of the homeowner. Knowing it is a temporary adventure and staying focused on the final goal is paramount.